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Be Gentle in Grief Necklace

Color14K Yellow Gold
Chain Option14K Yellow Gold

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Crafted in collaboration with Kelly Zajfen, this timeless pendant—a heart encircled by a beaded ring represents the community that surrounds, protects and comforts the heart. One side bears the words "Be gentle. In grief.", while the other provides space to engrave the name of your cherished one. Designed with the hope that it allows the gentle space your heart needs on this journey of grieving. Available as a pendant or on an oval rolo chain, and offered in solid 14k gold or sterling silver.

  • Pendant is 29.5 mm

  • 14k Yellow gold - 12g

  • Sterling silver - 9g
  • Be Gentle. In Grief. necklaces will ship within 3-4 weeks
  • Unworn Be Gentle. In Grief. Necklaces without custom engraving are eligible for return within 2 weeks of receipt. Pendants with custom engraving are final sale.

From Kelly Zajfen:

When my son died in July of 2022, I remember I wanted to build this bubble around me wherever I went. As I started to make my way through the world again, I wanted to tell every single person I could that the world lost the most special person. My person. I wanted the world to be extra gentle with me. To give me space to cry or not speak or shout his name from the rooftops. I wanted to help YOU too actually, navigate this impossible space. I remember listening to Rabbi Steve Leders book, The Beauty of What Remains, he said he wished he could wear a pin on his shirt to let people know he was in grief. I thought ME TOO!! I wanted a pin or sign across my chest in flashing neon that said, “Be gentle. In grief.” I googled pins and I found a few options, however, there seemed to be nothing that could capture the exact words. Also, I wanted something I did not have to take off. I could wear it every single day.
My love of jewelry has been something that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Wearing pieces that are meaningful and represent times in my life, my kids, my travels. I found Maya through mutual friends and started to collect her pieces. What was even better was the friendship that came from it. I knew she would be the perfect person to create something meaningful and special. As she often came to sit in space with me and to be a great support as I navigated this new version of my life, we started to talk about this special piece. A Mourning piece or a conversation piece but also something that if you did not want to speak about your grief you could also flip over to highlight your person's name.
So, we created this beautiful and timeless piece. When creating this design, we were driven by a shared vision: to offer comfort without seeking profit. Its price reflects both its quality and our dedication to accessibility rather than excessive margins. I thought you could buy this piece for yourself, or you could gift it to someone in grief.
The fragility of the heart etched with “Be gentle. In grief.” on one side and the other side etched with your special person. Surrounded by small beads that represent the community that surrounds and protects my heart. I hope this allows you the gentle space your heart needs and to always remember your special person.